Umoja na Upendo Community Center (UnuCc)

Since the founding of the WaKA e.V. in 2012, we support the projects of the Umoja na Upendo Communtiy. The aim of the organization is to support women, men and children.

The UnUCc Team

Dirkotrin Shaeli (2nd from right), treasurer Julius (right) and social worker Ally (left) are the most important contact persons for the people of Moshi.


Hallow everybody today children and mamas have worked on vegetable garden for cultivation and planting vegetables. This vegetables we will use for food of our kids and selling.


we have successfully bought  a compound at Kimashuku village for building a permanent place for children house, our problem is we do not have a money for build the children house. we looking for Spencer for supporting us to build the children home.
bellow attachment is our plot pictures.


UMOJA NA UPENDO COMMUNITY CENTER we greet you all and hopeful you are all doing good. we thanks God all the kids are doing well, they continue well with their studies.
also we thanks God we have got the plot for building permanent compound for our kids. but we have financial challenge to build a home for our kids.
thank you all
by UNUCc team
bellow attachment is our kids photos

Community Work

Through case-by-case support and community empowerment projects, UnUCc is helping to improve the lives of people in the neighborhood beyond the gates of the children's home.

Often children have loving parents or family members, but the family's economic situation does not allow all needs to be met. The goal of Community Work is that children can (continue to) live with their families and relatives and give everyone the chance to develop their lives according to their imagination.

  • Casework
 Through individual support , the UnUCc team supports individuals and families in difficult life situations and on their way to independence. Particularly disadvantaged groups of people, such as widows, abandoned / rejected women, people with special stigmas, eg HIV or disability, receive urgently needed help - be it through counseling and education or through financial support for the founding of the foundation and / or education of the children,

  • Community and Group Work - Microfinance through the Community Fund
Mutual support and community exchanges are of particular importance in community work. The UnUCC team regularly invites the supported mothers and families to the children's home for so-called "community meetings". In 2017, a Community Fund was created in the spirit of empowerment . With this community pot, the community members can support each other and at the same time contribute actively to the development of the community in the sense of an extended family concept. Every person / family supported by Community Work pays a small monthly contribution. The community then decides on the assignment. These can be:
  1. Small loans (eg if a member wants to start a small business)
  2. medical emergencies taken over (eg a (proportionate) reimbursement of a hospital stay)
  3. Start or expansion of joint projects (eg additional seeds for the cultivation of vegetables etc.)

Fields of activity and projects.

The goal from the beginning was to provide children with a harmonious and familiar environment by being able to develop freely and individually. They go to school, play football in the afternoons, eat together, do their homework and do household chores. In the children's home, the children grow up in a community that works and lives together on the model of a large family.

At the same time, the UnU social workers are looking for talks and contact with family members who are still available, and thus seeking to reunite the opportunities of children and young people with their often far-flung relatives.

We strive to accompany the children as best they can on their journey through life and to give them everything, so that they can grow into independent adults. In addition to a good school education here are also practical everyday skills, such as cooking and housekeeping and the care of animals mediated.

We hope that after their training, they will lead an independent and self-determined life and yet they can be sure that they will always be part of the "Umoja na Upendo" family.